Diversion Tactic

I demonstrated earlier for the people in my office how my new Nautica umbrella works. Basically, I push the button to open it, and the top of the umbrella separates from the handle and shoots five feet into the air. It then opens up, eventually floating back down to the pavement. I can't remember whether I bought this piece of crap at Linens and Shit or Bed, Bath and Beyond My Price Range. In any case, I lost the damn receipt so now I'm stuck with it.

I plan to use this if I ever get mugged. Just press the button and run. The mugger will hopefully be distracted by the pretty umbrella top slowly floating back to Earth and won't chase after me. I understand a certain species of lizard can do something similar, such that its enemies end up chasing its detached and wriggling tail instead of the lizard itself.