I (Heart) GarageBand

Last night, I sat down to play around in the studio at around 7 PM. I cranked out three guitar lines, a bass line, a keyboard part and a drum part before I started feeling tired. I figured it was around 10:30 or 11, based on what I had created from scratch by that point. Nope. It was 8:30. For some reason, the time warp that used to affect me in my studio in Bayside isn't present in my new studio. I can get a ton done in an hour and a half. Mostly, that's because of how easy GarageBand makes getting tracks down and how easy the editing process is.

So there's this great tune I put together in 90 minutes, and it's all finished, save for the vocals and the outtro. Gimme another hour to bang that out.

Maybe the various GarageBand communities out there already have this, but I'd love to see a contest along the lines of "Who Can Write and Record the Best Song in One Hour?" That would be both fun and easily accomplished.