Requesting Your Feedback Re: Blog-Like Objects

This ties in to a conversation I had yesterday with some publishing folks. I'd love your thoughts on these questions, should you be so kind as to leave your feedback in comments. 1) Let's say someone puts a content site out there that is decidedly blog-like. (Chronologically organized posts, standard blog template, comments, etc.) What is your expectation concerning posting frequency? Once per day? Once per week? Several times per day?

2) When you think of successful group blogs, which sites do you think of?

3) What's more compelling for you? A group blog with a fixed roster of primary posters where registered users can comment, or a group blog where anyone can comment, anyone can start their own sub-blog, and community editors promote the good stuff from sub-blogs (a la Daily Kos)? Where would you rather be a member?

I have rather strong feelings about the topics I'm touching on here, but I want to see where everyone else's opinion is on this stuff.