Avoid Dialogue At All Costs

From here:

As it did during "Super Size Me," the marketer told franchisees that its communications will play up the company's menu variety, new products, and community involvement to remind consumers of the chain's more admirable activities.

So in other words, instead of addressing any issues raised by the film and any ensuing discussion, the company plans ahead of time to sit in its ivory tower and keep hammering away with the broadcast mallet.

This is a huge opportunity for McDonald's. I never had any doubt they'd blow it, but a forward-thinking company would welcome the chance to discuss the important issues behind what people eat and the ethics of selling their "food" when it's so unhealthy.

Schlosser nails it:

Mr. Schlosser wants to hear from them. "I hope [McDonald's] engages in a substantive debate about the issues raised by the film and avoid personal attacks on the filmmakers, not to mention the threat of legal action," he said. "They get their point of view across every single day on TV. If they believe in democracy, they should welcome criticism and debate...and not engage in the kind of personal attacks that are attempts to distract people from the really important issues."