Not Quite What I Was Imagining, But Close

In my predictions column this year, I said:

A label-less artist will make a big splash in 2006 At some point during 2006, someone like you and me, armed with only a home computer (and perhaps a few musical instruments) will create a piece of music that will become popular without the support of a record label. It could be someone’s mash-up, a mobile ringtone, or an original piece of music created with a Mac and a copy of GarageBand. Whatever it is, it will be created at home and made popular by viral means and by distribution in alternative channels (i.e.–other than MTV and major label marketing).

Well, I had envisioned someone succeeding to the point that they might say to themselves "What the hell do I need a label for?" In this case, it looks like Sony snapped up an entertainer who had already built her following via the Internet.

So my prediction wasn't too far off, and we still have nearly 9 months for someone to hit it big and refuse all advances from major labels.

Here's my question for Sandi Thom... If you have 100,000 people waiting for your next webcast, why sign with Sony? Why not continue to build your following organically and make money selling digital downloads to your loyal fan base? What the hell do you need Sony for?