Tomorrow's Spin

Not only do I not think that a lot of marketers are appreciative of where the citizen publishing movement is coming from, but also I'm not sure they understand the scale of it. To that end, I put together a piece this week that follows my story from my early days in home recording through to the present. I think a lot of marketers understand that digital distribution is a driving force behind all the content that's emerging. What I don't think they understand is ease of creation and production. Desktop publishing as we've come to understand it (magazine, newspaper, website creation and publishing) is just the beginning. Desktop publishing of music, film, animation, and just about every other art form is well established among early adopters and the early fringe, and will be going mainstream. It's that part that I don't think marketers understand well.

I also didn't pass up the chance to suggest that we think up a name less offensive than "Consumer Generated Content" or to suggest that new content producers have options other than record labels, film studios and such. And this isn't about thumbing your nose at the man. It's about acknowledging that there are more paths to the end goal of being able to make a living producing content. I think there are artists who don't yet realize that.