Theory: They're Not Listening

I've noticed something about the line at Chipotle. The first time they ask you for your order, they're not really paying any attention to your response. I've come to this conclusion after watching the mechanics of the burrito assembly line several dozen times. No, the first query is designed solely as a stall tactic - really to fill dead air while the burrito guy finishes off the order of the person immediately ahead of you. You'll be asked what you would like to order and whatever your response is, it will be met with a knowing nod. Ten seconds later, they'll ask you again.

So it really doesn't matter what you say the first time they ask you. For laughs, respond the first time with an order for a twice-baked dogshit panini with rainbow sprinkles. You'll get a knowing nod and 10 seconds later, a second request for your order.