Weekend Weather...Ugh!

This weekend's weather made me want to stay home all day and veg out. Cold, rainy and disgusting with no end in sight. Say all you want about April showers and May flowers, I'd be happy to sacrifice the first crocus of spring just to ensure that we don't have gorgeous summer-like weather during the week while we're all cooped up at the office and then have crummy, disgusting weather over the weekend when we'd all rather be mountain biking or something. Driving around on Sunday was like a giant game of Super Mario Kart. Idiots who insist on traveling at normal speed in record-setting rain invariably become an integral part of retaining walls or go flying off into trees when they hydroplane across flooded areas. Lauren and I saw several bad accidents on Sunrise Highway and the Southern State Parkway. Multi-car pileups and flipped SUVs seem the norm when we get flooding of this magnitude.