Phasers on Rotating Modulation?

I've had some (temporary) success battling link spam by changing the names of my comment and trackback scripts and then changing their names in my config file. It confuses some of the link spammers for a bit, but usually not for long. I'm wondering why someone hasn't written a script that does this automatically. Much like when Worf programmed the phasers on a "rotating modulation" so as to be effective against the constantly-adapting Borg in Star Trek: First Contact, why can't the names of the comment and trackback scripts rotate with every submitted comment?

That way, it would make it difficult for link spammers to call the scripts remotely without accessing a blog's pages directly. And, odds are, even if a spammer caches pages of a blog in order to find out what the name of the script might be, it will have changed by the time he gets around to submitting a robotic comment.

Does this sound like a good idea?