A Reminder - DNFTT

Just a quick reminder - Do Not Feed The Trolls. Fellow liberals: Ann Coulter is a troll. In both senses, but mostly in the Internet sense of someone who is deliberately confrontational so they can get a rise out of you. In other words, Coulter deliberately went after 9-11 widows to sell more books. The more outrage you express, the more letters you write to the papers, the more attention you give her, the more books she sells and the more difficult she is to get out of the spotlight. This page on Newsmax should make it more than evident that the radical right is using the hype machine to distract folks and line Ann Coulter's pockets with the money spent by people who can't resist a good train wreck. Don't try to smear the rest of the right wingers by invoking Coulter. Even the dumbest of us knows she's lunatic fringe material.

So just stop it already.