Wading River House For Sale

As if we didn't have enough real estate-related commotion in our lives...

This is the house I grew up in. Now totally renovated, we're putting it up for a while on ForSaleByOwner.com to see if we can get a deal done without having to pay commissions. Here's the listing.

This place has a lot of history with our family, but it's really time to let it go. It's really important that we sell within a reasonable length of time, so any little bit of promotion or publicity can help. I know other bloggers and media professionals sometimes stop by here. I'd appreciate your inbound links or, if you're a media seller and you have some remnant inventory you're not doing anything with... (I know, it's a stretch.)

The thing I will miss most about this place, other than the family memories, is how it served as the center of our social hub for so long. People love to come here, especially in the summer. And it's fun to entertain, whether it's family coming for Christmas dinner or just a random summer pool party. (Some of you out there may have been among the 500 or so of my closest friends invited to SposBash and you've experienced this first hand.)

I'll be sad to see it go, but it's really time to move on.