Fair Weather Politicians?

My buddy and client Rob Burke points out on his blog that Wayne Township Mayor Scott Rumana has told him that his plans for placing a wind turbine at the site of his car wash, Wayne Auto Spa, are a "no go" as far as the town planner is concerned. He also notes that the reason the town planner doesn't want to allow this is that granting a variance would set a bad precedent vis-a-vis cell phone towers, yet local governments can't block cell towers in instances where coverage is needed. What tweaks me about this is that Mayor Rumana seems to have been eager to align himself with Wayne Auto Spa's clean energy initiatives when the News 12 cameras were rolling and the newspapers were writing articles about how the car wash and quick lube invested in solar panels, furnaces to burn waste oil and equipment to treat waste water.

On his blog, Rob provided a link to a page where interested folks can e-mail the mayor, if they feel so inclined. I'm going to do so. If you support clean, renewable energy, I recommend you e-mail the mayor as well.