Edelman Posts Next Steps

Richard Edelman posted some next steps for his agency over at his blog. It's good to let folks know what they plan to do. However, a couple of the points seem rather vague.

  • We are undertaking a thorough audit around the world to ensure we apply best practice guidelines to every program in every market and specialty area.
  • We are requiring that all employees attend an Edelman University class on ethics in social media, hosted by members of me2revolution team as well as external experts. This will take place before the end of next week
  • We are establishing a 24/7 hotline so our me2revolution team can review, provide counsel and apply best practice guidelines on social media programs before their implementation. This ensures that programs adhere to the WOMMA guidelines or best-in-class standards around the world.
  • We are creating ethics materials that will be distributed to each office and all new hires.

These are some good first steps, but I think he ought to share what Edelman believes to be "best practices" and "ethics guidelines" so that we can see for ourselves whether or not we can expect transgressions concerning transparency in the future. It would also be nice to see whether or not Edelman still plans to execute client communications programs top down.