Crayon Launches

Joseph Jaffe sent me an e-mail over the weekend, announcing the launch of crayon, a new type of marketing company. The company hopes to launch on Thursday in Second Life, on the island of Crayonville. According to Joseph, here's what crayon is all about:

In short, crayon is a shape-shifter; a mash-up; a company that integrates the best of the consulting, agency, advisory, thought leadership and education worlds. crayon’s goal is to help our clients:

  • Amplify, extend and enhance relevance, experience and value through bold, alternative and non-traditional approaches
  • Join the conversation
  • Create disproportionate positive business impact

I like all of these, but #2 especially. I'm hoping Joseph and his compadres stick to what made Jaffe Juice, Across The Sound and Jaffe's consultancy big in the first place - the notion of playing by the rules and working in a bottom-up fashion rather than a top-down one. If crayon can continue in this vein, I think they'll represent a big win for companies and for Joseph, who has managed to build his reputation for innovative thought by making smart use of the technologies we're all using to connect more meaningfully.

Best of luck to Joseph and crayon.